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TAG Consulting


TAG Consulting

TAG consultants provide impartial and independent advice to the progressive grower requiring individual guidance for your farm. This entails regular and routine crop inspection, and guidance based on in-the-field observations. In addition, longer-term strategies can be formulated to keep the farm business competitive and profitable. The benefits will be seen in improved gross margins and the confidence that the farm’s agronomy is in safe hands.


  • Bespoke consultancy service
  • Detailed input advice based on independent research
  • Routine field inspections and crop input advice
  • Crop nutrition planning
  • Guidance on rotation, cropping and variety choice
  • Cultivations, machinery and labour strategies
  • Single payment, stewardship and management plan advice
  • Farm business management consultancy.

Benefits of a TAG Consultant

The foundation of the agronomy advice from a TAG consultant is the TAG research database. Knowledge of the comprehensive research programme across a large number of sites over many years gives TAG consultants a unique position over other agronomy services.

The local TAG consultant integrates trials data with his own local knowledge and experience to provide an individual service which will improve margins and optimise the efficiency of the farm business. In addition, the individual consultant has access to the wealth of knowledge and experiences of his colleagues within the consulting group.


The TAG consultant can provide the client with:

  • Crop and rotation strategies
  • Labour and machinery planning
  • Variety choice and cultivation strategies
  • Cost-effective input selection for individual fields
  • Fertiliser & nutrient management plans
  • ELS guidance
  • Regular newsletters to remind clients of action points
  • Soil management and crop protection plans

The services which the TAG consultant provides are decided by the individual client. The consultant can have a regular, hands-on relationship with the farm business, or occasional strategic discussions as required, and the fee for the service will reflect the level of involvement.

Business Consultancy

  • Business planning
  • Budgetary Control systems
  • Labour and Machinery planning
  • Farm benchmarking
  • Single payment scheme work
  • Farm Diversification plans and grant applications



Consulting Contacts

To discuss your consulting needs please contact:

Chris Winney (Head of Consultancy Services)
Telephone: 01953 713200 or 01223 342200
Mobile: 07831 478742
Email: Chris Winney