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Livestock Crops


  • Experience in forage crops and alternative use for key forage crops e.g. maize biogas
  • Ability to deliver Variety, Agrochemical, Fertiliser, Plastic Mulch and other input/management trials
  • Standard and specialist field trials equipment, including Haldrups and Forage Harvesters
  • Oven drying facilities for measuring dry matter content
  • Crop specialists and pathologists to advise and support agriculture businesses
  • Some examples of projects recently undertaken/ongoing:
    • Phyto-toxicity trials of spray chemicals on maize varieties
    • Official National List and RL/DL trials for grasses, clovers and maize
    • Evaluation of maize varietal performance under plastic mulch
    • Variety performance of grasses/clover under low input and organic management
    • Evaluation of the potential of maize as a biogas feedstock in the UK


Cutting grass plots with a Haldrup at Headley Hall


These represent the main regional climatic locations for intensive animal production:

  • NIAB Yorkshire
  • NIAB Shropshire
  • NIAB Devon
  • NIAB Hampshire


Maize HarvesterCrop capability

  • Perennial ryegrass
  • Italian ryegrass
  • Hybrid grasses
  • Timothy
  • White clover
  • Red clover
  • Forage maize
  • Grain maize
  • Whole crop wheat and other cereals
  • Fodder beet, Swede, Turnip and Kale
  • Minor forage crops e.g. Sainfoin, Vetches and Lucerne
  • Lupins/Soya


Service Support

  • Trials are supported by NIAB’s scientific laboratory and research services
  • Feed evaluation trials can be provided through links with other scientific animal research organisations.
  • Evaluation and characterisation of germplasm
  • Data handling and statistics analysis
  • Significant market influence, through publications, press releases and demonstrations