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Controlling Cereal Mosaic Virus

Controlling Soil-borne Cereal Mosaic Virus in the UK by Developing Resistant Wheat Cultivars

Contact : Rosemary Bayles

Successful breeding of disease resistant cultivars is dependent upon the identification of resistant germplasm, the detection of genes conferring that resistance and the development of molecular markers to allow the inheritance of these genes to be monitored during accelerated marker assisted selection. The main aim of the proposed research is to develop molecular markers that tag the available resistance genes for SBWMV.


  • Develop a quick, quantitative, accurate and reliable method for screening wheat cultivars for resistance to SBWMV in the glasshouse
  • Identify key genes involved in SBWMV resistance in wheat and develop molecular marker tags for their manipulation by breeders
  • Investigate the mechanism of resistance in UK winter wheat cultivars
  • Explore the possibility that resistance to SBWMV also confers resistance to other related soil-borne viruses


Collaborating Organizations: National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Central Science Laboratory, Home Grown Cereals Authority, Advanta UK Ltd, Lochow-Petkus GmbH, Nickerson UK Ltd.