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Ornamental Crops

FlowerTrials and Technical Services

Contact: Elizabeth Scott

NIAB offers independent trial services to all areas of the Horticultural industry on a world-wide basis. We provide tailor-made services for breeders, growers and retailers for the evaluation of plants, consumable items and equipment. We also work with organisations on individual projects such as pre-breeding of novel traits and other areas of research.


  • Assessment of varieties for quality and merit including disease resistance trials.
  • Evaluation of new or exotic species in UK conditions
  • Quality control assistance such as establishing authenticity of plant material and traceability of products.
  • Trials to assist with Plant Breeders Rights infringement issues. NIAB is responsible for carrying out trials for the grant of Plant Breeders Rights for the UK and the European Union, for more information follow, PBR Ornamental Crops



  • Chemical efficacy testing
  • Establishing spray regimes or testing IPM programs
  • Trials on composts, fertilisers or any other type of consumable product or equipment



  • Working with NIAB's experts in pathology, molecular testing and pre-breeding
  • Collaborative international research projects on large or small scale
  • Projects tailored to individual requirements


All trials are supported by NIAB's scientific laboratory and research services, and are carried out in complete confidence. Assistance with marketing can be provided through publications, press releases, demonstrations and open days.

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