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Seed Analyst and Lab Management

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Seed Analysis staff

Seed Analysis; practical and theory (Part 1)

Nationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in seed analysis. Registration in July, approximately 9 months before the date of examination, irrespective of the number of crop divisions being taken. Revision and examinations are held at OSTS in April-June.

Laboratory Management

Nationally recognised Certificate of Proficiency in laboratory management (Analyst in Charge). Registration in August, before examinations at OSTS, over three days the following January. Qualification in the seed analysis course is a pre-requisite for registration. Candidates will usually have had at least two seasons experience of seed testing.

Other seed analyst courses

Statutory Tetrazolium (STZ) testing of cereals: 3 days duration, open to qualified cereal analysts. Training in TZ techniques is followed by an official practical assessment.

Extension Training: Short courses by arrangement to extend a seed analyst’s qualification to cover particular species, eg Triticale, Linseed. One or two days of practical sessions followed by an official practical assessment.

Re-assessment Training: Short courses tailored to individual requirements for analysts who are returning to seed testing after a break.

Seed Identification courses: Short courses which aim to improve the identification of seeds that are found as impurities in seed samples.


Fees for seed analyst courses are charged on the following basis:-
i) Correspondence courses require a fee to be paid at registration, which covers the administration and correspondence training.
ii) All practical courses have a daily attendance fee for time spent by candidates at OSTS.
iii) One-off courses for individual clients are charged as a package agreed at initial registration.