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National Listing

What is it?

National listing is a legal requirement for new varieties of the mainstream agricultural species. This process seeks to ensure that a new variety can only be brought to market if it passes stringent criteria and is deemed to be a genuinely new variety and a significant improvement over what is being currently marketed.

How is it achieved?

The UK National list documents the varieties of main agricultural and vegetable species, which are eligible for certification and marketing in the UK. To be added to the National list a variety must be distinct, uniform and stable (DUS) and for agricultural crops, have successfully completed two years of comparative trials and have achieved value for cultivation and use (VCU).

How can we help?

NIAB is a CPVO accredited Technically Qualified Body (TQB) carrying out DUS tests of major agricultural species (wheat, barley, oats, winter oilseed rape, sugar beet, field beans and fodder kale) on behalf of APHA and Defra. VCU trials are co-ordinated by BSPB (British Society of Plant Breeders) on behalf of APHA and Defra. NIAB hosts VCU trials at a number of our trial centres distributed around the major agricultural areas of England and Wales. 

Our trials and technical teams have many years’ experience in variety evaluation – with local knowledge and equipment to grow, manage, measure, monitor and harvest a wide range of crops. We are well placed along with our support services such as our Laboratory services, Pathology team and data handling and statistics department to implement the different stages of this scheme and ensure that the very best standards are maintained.