Malling™ Vitality

Early-mid season Junebearer
Good % Class 1 yield
Moderate disease resistance
Good fruit display
Attractive and firm fruit


Fruit quality

Malling™ Vitality has attractive, glossy berries with an attractive, uniform skin colour. It has a very high % of Class 1 fruit (96%) and good fruit size (60%>35mm), with good fruit firmness and performance in shelf life tests.

Production period

The variety has a comparable season to Malling™ Centenary, slightly earlier on some sites. It has a moderately high yield for an early-mid season variety.

Growth habit

Plants of Malling™ Vitality have moderate vigour and a good fruit display. The variety is well suited to protected outdoor and glasshouse production.

Disease resistance

Malling™ Vitality is moderately resistant to crown rot and powdery mildew, with intermediate resistance to Verticillium wilt.

Download the Malling™ Vitality Technical Sheet

Malling™ Vitality code name: EM2464
Year of release: 2020

For further information and licensing enquiries contact licensing [at] (Malling™ Fruits)