Dr Greg Deakin

Research Interests

My current research focuses on the analysis of metagenomics data to try and understand some of the complex microbial interaction in and between organisms in soil/rhizosphere/rhizoplane and plant endophytes. I am also the principal statistician for NIAB EMR and increasingly for the wider NIAB group.

Dr Matevz Papp-Rupar

Research interests

Dr Matevz Papp-Rupar, Molecular Plant Pathology PhD, Biotechnology MSc, is a research leader in the Pest and Pathogen Ecology Department in East Malling with over 10 years' experience in plant pathology. His early research at National Institute for Biology, Slovenia included detection and characterisation of Potato virus Y and grapevine yellows phytoplasma (Ca. Phytoplasma vitis) in pathogen hosts, wild plant species and insect vectors.

Dr Trisna Tungadi

My main research interests are in the biology of insect crop pests and plant-virus-vector interactions, from both molecular and ecological approach. In particular on how findings from the lab can be translated and applied in the field to benefit growers. I am currently working on a BBSRC-funded project where my role is to investigate the biology and the egg laying behavior of the spotted wing Drosophila, D. suzukii, a major pest in soft and stone fruit production.

Mr Adrian Harris

In my current role as NIAB EMR’s Horticultural Trials Co-ordinator, I work with the crop protection sector to deliver high-quality scientific trials aimed at underpinning the demands of horticulture. Our unique facilities, trial plots and world-leading scientists (across many disciplines) enable us to put together the right project – and that’s part of the fun when working on projects which bridge academia and research.

Dr Flora O'Brien

Research interests

Flora’s research focuses on aspects of root and soil biology in horticultural crop production. Her particular areas of interest include root and rhizosphere microbial interactions, adventitious rooting, and root traits associated with abiotic stress tolerance. Flora's current research topics include soil health, the influence of horticultural crops on the soil microbiome and soil carbon sequestration.


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