CUPGRA Virtual Open Day - 28 July 2020

Welcome to the July CUPGRA Virtual Open Day held on 28 July 2020.

View videos from the June Open Day.




Head of NIAB CUF Dr Mark Stalham outlines some of the videos and presentations that will be covered in CUPGRA's second Virtual Open Day on 28 July 2020.

Dr Mark Stalham and Dr Marc Allison from NIAB CUF update on how the use of cover crops on the NIAB site this year, and how it has affected ground cover.

NIAB CUF's Dr Marc Allison and Dr Mark Stalham update us on the potato reference crop study.

Dr Mark Stalham, Head of NIAB CUF, updates on the research testing the effects of biostimulants.

Head of NIAB CUF, Dr Mark Stalham, explains the ongoing research for the BBSRC Blackleg Decision Support Tool, and what's changed since the June open day.

Sarah Roberts from NIAB CUF explains the results from the seed storage project in 2020.

NIAB CUF's Sarah Roberts updates us on the progress of the seed rate experiments.

Professor Gerard Bishop from NIAB CUF talks about genetic solutions in potatoes and updates us on this year's field trials at NIAB.

Dr Jane Thomas updates us on the AHDB-funded project on the use of mineral oil in the control of poty virus

The live Q&A session at the meeting on 16 June, with NIAB CUF and NIAB staff