Ms Amanda Karlstrom

Plant Breeder and Geneticist
01732 523750

Research interests

Amanda is a plant breeder, primarily involved in the apple scion breeding through the Apple Breeding Consortium (ABC) at NIAB EMR. She also has involvement in the apple and pear rootstock breeding, predominantly in the trialling of selections and the development of new breeding methods. Amanda’s research interests include quantitative and molecular genetics and she is currently carrying out a part-time PhD studentship focussed on the genetic control of resistance to the pathogen European apple canker, Neonectria ditissima.

Research projects

The nature of resistance to Neonectria ditissima in apple species; Duration: February 2017- February 2022; Partners: NIAB EMR (lead), Worldwide Fruit Ltd (WFL), Fruition PO, International Nurseries Network (INN), T&G Global; Funding: BBSRC (BB/P000851/1)


Recent publications

Karlström, A., Cabo-Medina, M., Harrison, RJ., (2019) ‘Advances and challenges in apple breeding’ in Lang, G. A. (ed.), Achieving sustainable cultivation of temperate zone tree fruits and berries Volume 2: Case studies, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK (ISBN: 978 1 78676 212 2;

Cockerton, H. M., Vickerstaff, R. J., Karlström, A., Wilson, F., Sobczyk, M., He, J. Q., ... & Harrison, N. (2018). Identification of powdery mildew resistance QTL in strawberry (Fragaria× ananassa). Theoretical and applied genetics, 131(9), 1995-2007. 

Karlström, A., Belalcazar, J., Sánchez, T., Lenis, J. I., Moreno, J. L., Pizarro, M., ... & Ceballos, H. (2018). Impact of environment and genotype‐by‐environment interaction on functional properties of amylose‐free and wild‐type cassava starches. Starch‐Stärke, 1700278. 

Karlström, A., Calle, F., Salazar, S., Morante, N., Dufour, D., & Ceballos, H. (2016). Biological implications in cassava for the production of amylose-free starch: impact on root yield and related traits. Frontiers in plant science, 7, 604. 

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