Dr Trisna Tungadi

Trisna Tungadi
Postdoctoral researcher - entomology
01732 523734 \ 07786 960524

My main research interests are in the biology of insect crop pests and plant-virus-vector interactions, from both molecular and ecological approach. In particular on how findings from the lab can be translated and applied in the field to benefit growers. I am currently working on a BBSRC-funded project where my role is to investigate the biology and the egg laying behavior of the spotted wing Drosophila, D. suzukii, a major pest in soft and stone fruit production.

Prior to joining NIAB EMR, I did my PhD with John Carr at the University of Cambridge in plant virology. My previous research work was focused on investigating how a plant virus manipulates the behavior of its insect vector, the aphids and how this may facilitate virus transmission. Lastly, I am a passionate about capacity building where I am actively involved to organise an annual molecular biology laboratory training workshops for African agricultural researcher in Cambridge and Benin Republic.

Current research

Title: Exploitation of interspecific signals to deter oviposition by spotted wing Drosophila
Duration: 2019-2022
Partners: In collaboration with the Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, and Berry Gardens Growers Ltd.
Funders: BBSRC funded

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