Dr Suzanne Litthauer

Dr Suzanne Litthauer
Assistant molecular breeder; DNA fingerprinting service manager
01732 523740

Research interests

Suzanne joined NIAB EMR in 2018 as Assistant Molecular Breeder in the Genetics, Genomics and Breeding department.  Her work focuses on marker-assisted breeding of apple and pear rootstocks, conventional breeding of Rubus, and pest and disease resistance screening in apple and Rubus. Suzanne also manages the DNA Fingerprinting Service.

Research projects

Title: Rootstock Breeding Programme
Duration: April 2015-March 2020
Partners: East Malling Rootstock Breeding Club
Funding: Commercially funded

Title: Rubus Breeding Programme
Duration: April 2015-March 2020
Partners: East Malling Rubus Breeding Consortium
Funding: Commercially funded


Recent publications

Simon, N.M.L., Litthauer, S., Jones, M.A., and Dodd, A.N. Interactions Between Circadian Rhythms, ROS and Redox, in Panda, S.K. and Yamamoto, Y.Y. (eds.). (2019). Redox Homeostasis in Plants, Signaling and Communication in Plants. Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature, pp.67-64. 

Litthauer, S. and Jones, M.A. SAL1-PAP retrograde signalling extends circadian period by reproducing the loss of exoribonuclease (XRN) activity. (2018). Plant Signal Behav. 13:e1500066. 

Litthauer, S., Chan, K.X., and Jones, M.A.  3'-Phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphate accumulation delays the circadian system. (2018). Plant Physiol. 176:3120-3135. 

Litthauer, S., Battle, M.W., and Jones, M.A. Phototropins do not alter accumulation of evening-phased circadian transcripts under blue light. (2016). Plant Signal Behav. 11:e1126029. 

Litthauer, S., Battle, M.W., Lawson, T., and Jones ,M.A. Phototropins maintain robust circadian oscillation of PSII operating efficiency under blue light. (2015). Plant J. 83:1034-1045. 

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