Dr Pauline Thomelin

Dr Pauline Thomelin
Post Doc Researcher – Genetics, Root biology

Research interests

I am working as part of the Genetics and Breeding group at NIAB. My research focused on root biology and genetics for the development and validation of root ideotypes in wheat through the identification and characterization of de novo alleles.

Research projects

Rooty: a root ideotype toolbox to support improved wheat yields; Duration: November 2018–November 2021; Partners: NIAB, John Innes Centre, University of Bologna, Justus, Liebig University, Forschungszentrum Julich, CIMMYT, LongReach, KWS, Limagrain, Apsovsementi, Bayer CropScience; Funding: BBSRC/IWYP/DFID (BB/S012826/1).


Thomelin P, Bonneau J, Brien C, Suchecki R, Baumann U, Kalambettu P, Langridge P, Tricker P, Fleury D (2019) The wheat Seven in Absentia gene is associated with increases in biomass and yield in hot climates. bioRxiv, 726802. 

Pauline M.L. Thomelin, Julien Bonneau, Julian D. Taylor, Frédéric Choulet, Pierre Sourdille et al. Positional cloning of a QTL, qDHY.3BL, on chromosome 3BL for drought and heat tolerance in bread wheat. Plant and Animal Genome Conference XXIV, Jan 2016, San Diego, USA.

Thomelin P (2018) Genes, haplotypes and physiological traits associated with a chromosome 3B locus for wheat improvement in hot climates. PhD thesis, University of Adelaide.

Campbell BC, Gilding EK, Mace ES, Tai S, Tao Y, Prentis PJ, Thomelin P, Jordan DR, Godwin ID (2016) Domestication and the storage starch biosynthesis pathway: signatures of selection from a whole sorghum genome sequencing strategy. Plant Biotechnology Journal 14, 2240-2253.