Dr Keith Gardner

Dr Keith Gardner]
Programme Leader, Quantitative Genetics
+44 (0) 1223 342484

Research interests

I am a quantitative geneticist working on the genetic analysis of complex traits in crops. My research interests include QTL mapping in multi-parent populations and association mapping, with a focus on genetic interactions and multi-trait analyses, as well as the use of genomics data. I have a strong interest in modern breeding technologies particularly genomic prediction, with a focus on the incorporation of GxE interactions into prediction models. I also teach courses in applied quantitative and population genetics for plant breeders.

Research projects

Yellowhammer: A multi-locus strategy for durable yellow rust resistance in wheat, in the face of a rapidly changing pathogen landscape; Duration: October 2018-September 2022; Partners:  NIAB (lead), AHDB, DSV UK Ltd, KWS UK Ltd., Lantmännen Lantbruk, Limagrain UK Ltd., RAGT Seeds Ltd., Sejet Plant Breeding, Syngenta UK Ltd; Funding: BBSRC (BB/R019231/1), AHDB (21120068)

IMPROMALT: Improving winter malting barley quality and developing an understanding of the interactions of introgressions with genetic background; Duration: May 2013-March 2019; Partners:  JHI (lead), NIAB; Funding: BBSRC (BB/K007025/1)

MAGIC Pan-genome: A wheat pan-genomics platform for enhanced genetic dissection of agronomic traits; Duration: July 2017-November 2020; Partners:  Natural History Museum (lead), NIAB, Earlham Institute, JIC; Funding: BBSRC (BB/P010741/1)


Recent publications

Fradgley N, Gardner KA, Cockram J, Elderfield J, Hickey JM, Howell P, Jackson R, Mackay I (2019). A large-scale pedigree resource of wheat reveals evidence for adaptation and selection by breeders. PLoS Biology, 17:e3000071.

Gardner KA, Wittern LM, Mackay I (2016) A highly recombined, high-density, eight founder wheat MAGIC map reveals extensive segregation distortion and genomic locations of introgression segments Plant Biotechnol. J., 14:1406–1417.