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Breeders' Toolkit

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NIAB DFW Breeders’ Diversity Toolkit

The DFW Breeders’ Diversity Toolkit based on the outputs of the NIAB “Synthetics” Pillar is the result of joint resource development and analysis by NIAB and The University of Bristol.

As NIAB are developing bespoke resources for the UK wheat community “from scratch” this material will become available in stages from late 2015. We are developing BC1F5 populations from 50 tetraploid (AB genome donor) and 50 Ae. tauschii donors in a winter (Robigus) and spring (Paragon) background. The first material from these populations will be available late 2015. In the meantime, seed of 53 NIAB DFW re-synthesised wheat’s are available.

As the DFW programme progresses, the NIAB Breeders' Diversity Toolkit will be further updated based on available material and initial assessments at NIAB.

Seed of the Breeders' Diversity Toolkit or part of it is available upon request under the terms of the open access term laid out in the DFW material transfer agreement. The current NIAB DFW Breeders' Diversity Toolkit is shown below.

NIAB Synthetic AABB Donor DD Donor  
NIAB-SHW008 Hoh-501-P14 WX895-5-1  
NIAB-SHW012 Hoh-501-P14-1 WX325-1  
NIAB-SHW018 Hoh-506-P9-1 2220007-2-1  
NIAB-SHW027 ICARDA-71-5-2 WX325-6-2  
NIAB-SHW028 ICARDA-71-5-2 WX826-7-2 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW029 Sculpture-1 WX224-4-2  
NIAB-SHW030 Biensur-9 WX895-4-3  
NIAB-SHW031 Biensur-2 2220007-2-1  
NIAB-SHW033 Dakter-1 WX224-4-2  
NIAB-SHW035 Biensur-1 WX224-4-2  
NIAB-SHW036 Ardente 2220007-3-1  
NIAB-SHW042 Hoh-506-30 Ent-336-1  
NIAB-SHW043 Hoh-501-P14-35 Ent-088-6  
NIAB-SHW051 Hoh-501-P14-23 2220007-3  
NIAB-SHW054 Biensur-28 Ent-392-4  
NIAB-SHW070 Hoh-506-P6 Ent-127-8  
NIAB-SHW071 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-077-5  
NIAB-SHW072 Hoh-501-P14-11 Ent-336-2  
NIAB-SHW073 Hoh-501-P14-11 Ent-242-4  
NIAB-SHW074 Biensur-17 Ent-336-2 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW075 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-404-1  
NIAB-SHW076 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-405  
NIAB-SHW077 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-402  
NIAB-SHW078 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-431  
NIAB-SHW080 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-270-1  
NIAB-SHW082 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-090  
NIAB-SHW083 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-087  
NIAB-SHW084 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-084  
NIAB-SHW085 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-389  
NIAB-SHW086 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-118  
NIAB-SHW087 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-382  
NIAB-SHW088 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-080  
NIAB-SHW089 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-086  
NIAB-SHW090 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-102  
NIAB-SHW091 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-228  
NIAB-SHW092 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-272  
NIAB-SHW093 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-302  
NIAB-SHW094 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-383  
NIAB-SHW095 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-078  
NIAB-SHW096 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-081  
NIAB-SHW099 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-430  
NIAB-SHW100 Hoh-501-P15 Ent-141  
NIAB-SHW137 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-134  
NIAB-SHW138 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-384  
NIAB-SHW143 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-076 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW144 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-079 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW145 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-406 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW147 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-105 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW148 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-135 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW149 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-085 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW150 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-310 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW151 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-071 Seed bulk in progress
NIAB-SHW152 Hoh-501-P14 Ent-391 Seed bulk in progress

NEW – 2015-16 NIAB Breeders Toolkit: Selections

The following 48 lines were selected in the field at harvest 2015 as some of the most promising materials coming from the NIAB Synthetics Pillar within the DFW project. These materials are derived from crosses between diverse donor lines (either new SHWs from our resynthesis programme, or tetraploid wheats: durum, wild emmer and cultivated emmer) and the UK varieties Robigus (winter background) or Paragon (spring background). Typically, they were selected for high yield potential, high biomass, good disease resistance or a combination of these characters. We hope to release new lines each year through the Toolkit in this way.

Code Generation Donor Background
1501 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1504 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1507 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1510 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1511 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1512 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1513 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1515 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1517 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1520 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1523 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1524 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1526 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1532 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-008 Robigus
1537 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-012 Robigus
1542 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-012 Robigus
1545 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-012 Robigus
1546 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-012 Robigus
1548 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-018 Robigus
1549 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-018 Robigus
1554 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-018 Robigus
1555 BC1F5 NIAB SHW-018 Robigus
1563 BC1F4 NIAB SHW-027 Robigus
1565 BC1F4 NIAB SHW-027 Robigus
1567 BC1F4 NIAB SHW-035 Robigus
1568 BC1F4 NIAB SHW-035 Robigus
1583 BC1F5 Tios Robigus
1587 BC1F5 Tios Robigus
1590 BC1F5 Tios Robigus
1594 BC1F5 Tios Robigus
1597 BC1F5 Tios Robigus
1600 BC1F5 Tios Robigus
1604 BC1F5 Tios Robigus
1606 F4 dic016b Robigus
1710 BC1F6 NIAB SHW-008 Paragon
1726 BC1F5 Tios Paragon
1727 BC1F5 Tios Paragon
1729 BC1F5 27996 Paragon
1730 BC1F5 27996 Paragon
1733 BC1F4 14078 Paragon
1736 BC1F4 dic050 Paragon
1739 F5 Tios Paragon
1745 BC1F4 hoh-506 Paragon
1746 BC1F4 karim Paragon
1747 BC1F4 karim Paragon
1749 BC1F4 karim Paragon
1752 BC1F4 dic012b Paragon
1762 BC1F6 NIAB SHW-023 Paragon


To obtain seed contact Richard Horsnell, The John Bingham Laboratory, NIAB, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0LE, UK or

Normally, five seeds of each line requested will be dispatched upon receipt of a signed MTA. Seed is constantly regenerated, so in the event of insufficient seed stocks the seed will be provided once it is available. Upon request information on timelines for seed availability will be communicated.