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  • Join NIAB TAG in helping to secure the future of independent research
  • Concise access to independent arable R&D
  • Opportunities to visit national agronomy centres
  • Keep in touch with R&D developments and issues
  • Gateway to more NIAB TAG services

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NIAB is a major stakeholder in arable farming in the UK. A comprehensive research database coupled with highly efficient, independent delivery makes NIAB TAG a primary influencer of UK agronomy. We have a charitable aim to disseminate, to as wide an audience as possible, research based solutions for the challenges that the Industry face in the future.

The National Agronomy Centre project is NIAB's  commitment to easy access and proactive communication of the agronomic research we undertake with our research partners. NAC trials are found primarily at NIAB Morley, with support from The Morley Agricultural Foundation, and at NIAB Sutton Scotney although trials are also established at other NIAB regional centres. A key aim is to ensure that independent research provides clear unambiguous information to the whole industry.

Each centre hosts a number of key agronomic trials on a range of crop types and subjects. Research will be demonstrated during the season with results and conclusions available in a range of formats. Updates on the progress of the trials are produced over the season and made available to all National Agronomy Centre Supporters.

Supporting the NAC initiative is a means by which anyone involved in the industry can gain access to the NIAB agronomy research programmes that are publicly or charitably funded. This package also gives individuals or groups an insight into the rest of the organisation, and is a gateway to the other activities and services that it offers.

Key Features of membership

National Agronomy Centre Supporters have access to a dedicated website providing information from past and present projects undertaken with funding from HGCA, DEFRA or charitable sources, research summaries, and independent comment on developments in crop production in the UK and abroad. They also receive Landmark, NIAB TAG's quarterly journal, which includes detailed reviews of the latest agronomic research and its implications, and an invitation to visit one of three National Agronomy Centres located across the country. In addition, NAC supporters can access preferential discounts to selected NIAB TAG services, including training packages.

The cost of becoming an NAC Supporter is kept at a very low level to encourage companies, groups and individuals throughout the industry to become part of this initiative. By this means NAC Supporters are in touch with the latest issues in arable R&D and the solutions arising through independently funded research. For those wishing to upgrade their involvement, comprehensive packages are available through membership of the NIAB TAG Network. Network members enjoy the the benefits offered to NAC Supporters but can also access NIAB TAG member funded trials results, R&D and technical interpretation and advice.

Your support of independent research through becoming a NAC Supporter or a NIAB TAG Network member represents an opportunity to make a positive difference to agriculture, knowledge transfer and key issues that affect crop production in the UK.

NAC Supporters receive:

  • NIAB TAG Landmark on a quarterly basis
  • Access to dedicated web page
  • An invite to a National Agronomy Centre open event (in the North, South, or East).
  • Preferential discounts on selected NIAB TAG services, including training packages.


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