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Sugar Beet


Contact: Simon Kerr


  • Assessing variety performance under different crop management systems
  • Disease inoculated trials and field observations
  • Customised trials to suit your requirements
  • Crop Variety evaluation and demonstration trials
  • Agrochemical registration, screening, efficacy, residue and demonstration trials


Customised Options

  • Full trial establishment, recording, harvesting, analysis and reporting
  • Trials on Rhizomania infected sites
  • Virus yellows inoculated trials
  • Harvesting of your trial for your own analysis
  • Recording of your trial
  • Agronomy advice on your trial



  • Well established regional trial centres providing a range of geographical and environmental situations
  • Extensive database of UK farmers/growers willing to host NIAB trials
  • Specialist and standard equipment, drill and mobile tare house for harvesting
  • BASIS and FACTS qualified members of staff
  • Field, glasshouse and controlled environment facilities


Service Support

  • Trials are supported by NIAB’s scientific laboratory and research services
  • Seed handling services; treatment and packeting of seed for trials
  • Sugar and impurity detection
  • Produce quality analysis
  • Data handling and statistical analysis
  • Training courses provided by experts
  • Market influence through publications, press releases and demonstrations